Pasta Carbonara


A total family favourite, if in doubt this is the go too!

Serves 4

Fresh or dried spaghetti

3 medium eggs (if you like runnier sauce add more)

200g of parmesan

As many lardons as you see fit 

(Optional) Half a diced shallot 

(Optional) Sprinkle of chives 

Begin by warming a saucepan of water with a teaspoon of salt for flavouring. In a separate pan start frying off lardons with your shallots if you choose to add them. 

Next, grate your parmesan and split it into two bowls. You will need half for serving and half for cooking. Once you have finished your cheese, crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add a dash of salt and pepper and one half of your cheese and stir until it has a lumpy consistency. This will be your pasta sauce. 

Once your pasta is ready, drain it. Straight after add your pasta to the sauce and mix for 2 minutes to prevent the egg scrambling. Next, add the bacon and chives to the pasta and stir throughly. (Make sure everyone is at the table ready and have hot plates to serve it on!) 

To finish sprinkle some the remaining parmesan to serve.

PS. Italians make their carbonara like this, cream shouldn't really be used! 

Super quick and easy. a family must. 


Emma LongmoreComment