Ceramic flowers

Ceramic flowers

from 16.00

Ceramic flowers, you cant kill! I love these, full of texture, can be hung on the wall (bar the set of three dinky cactus) or sit as an ornament. Totally unusual, and a super lovely pressie for someone xxx

XL Sea Lettuce - diameter 22cms - height 10cms

Black Fractal - diameter 17cms - height 7cms

Orange Dahlia - diameter 11cms - height 6cms

Green Flower - diameter 11cms - height 5cms

Pale Pink Flower - diameter 11cms - height 5cms

Grey Flower - diameter 10cms - height 5cms

Teal Mum - diameter 10cms - height 5cms

Yellow Mum - diameter 9cms - height 5cms

Pale Green Mum - diameter 10cms - height

Set of three mini Cactus - 6cms, 4.5cms, 3cms

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