Three Grey Candle

Three Grey Candle


I am a complete sucker for scented candles, and have wanted to do a three grey one for ages. I just couldn’t find a scent I liked. Until now!

The scent is sensual, fresh and aromatic, Masculine chypre cologne, think citrus notes and hints of black currant, bergamot and apple, intertwined with incense, peppery rose and birch on a heart of jasmine, sandal, patchouli and musk. It’s unusual and aftershavy! It’s fabulous!

Not only was the scent important but the sustainability of the whole process. So with amazing designers that have an artisan twist, the three grey candles have been created. These use soy wax, and tins, low packaging.

These will burn for approximately 30 hours, and can travel!

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